Decemberists Heart Quilt

imageI finished this quilt the day before Valentine’s Day last week, right before I got into a funk about the President’s Day long weekend. The heart HST layout is from the Decemberists poster my daughter brought back from the concert at Marymoor this summer (thanks for the tickets, Becca!) and everything about their last two posters is very folksy and quilty.  My neighbors seemed like they were cut from the same cloth (they play folk jazz music and generally make us feel old).  At any rate, they welcomed their son into the world on labor day weekend after I’d already pieced most of this heart.  Needless to say, teaching keeps me very busy, as does grad school and so I didn’t get this puppy quilted until the Winter Break, and I finished binding and washing it last weekend.


The blues that hit me on President’s Day had more to do with my abysmal lack of exercise combined with the demands of both my teaching a new semester, not getting enough time between semesters to plan, and then losing the full Midwinter’s break week off due to the Seattle labor action earlier this year.  Strangely enough, I decided back in September not to go to Quiltcon this weekend even though I thought I would be finished with this pesky Master’s degree. While I am delighted by the photos from friends who are there, I am not sorry not to be there, especially because I have a paper to finish.  I will celebrate finishing grad school with hopefully a proper week off in February and a trip to lovely Georgia for Quiltcon East in 2017.  However a great workout with my fabulous children and viewing the gorgeous photos all weekend is a great pick-me-up!

2 thoughts on “Decemberists Heart Quilt

  1. It sounds like you are very close to finishing that Master’s degree! Keep up the good fight. I’m impressed that you finished the sweet heart quilt. Quilting and exercise can help you stay sane. I, too, am watching QuiltCon from afar, but I am definitely planning to be in Savannah next year. Take care!

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