Mini Inspiration

June is the time of month that as a teacher, I start thinking about all the things I want to do in the summer. My summer reading list is taking shape.  I’ve got “Behold the Dreamers” by Imbolo Mbue, “There There” by Tommy Orange and “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara all loaded up on my kindle app.  We finally got a couch in the living room and now I’m throwing quilts on it this weekend while I try to decide which quilt might go on the wall. Two weeks ago I was really overworked and I kind of lost myself when I saw Debbie‘s play with a palette for the curated quilt mini challenge and I could not resist.  Forget about marking or writing my finals, I had to jump in and play with a minimalist palette of solids and wound up picking the cream, yellow and navy.


I started playing with the “Tesla” font on paper a couple times in the past, but that weekend Musk was all over Twitter and I was thinking about how this technology hero and forward thinking fellow physicist can also be a demagogue due to fame and success even if he is a deep-thinking sort.  I am submitting this to curated quilts but unfortunately due to my limited experience with completing things before deadlines, I learned a couple things about sizing, squaring and binding minis in the process.

bluerothko.jpgIf you aren’t going to do a fabulous faced binding like the one in this linen Rothko inspired one bespokeoutlaw made me for the SEAMQG swap 2 years ago, you need to allow a little extra space, one quarter inch, to be exact.  So now my mini is 0.5 inches too wide for the original call for entries.  But I kept it square because I liked that part of the challenge too.  This was a lesson for me in binding that made me appreciate how well Martha, Debbie and Jackie bind their quilts. I worship at your feet fellow quilters!

jbminiJackie bound this adventurous mini with reverse applique and metallic vinyl for me when we were on a committee together with Karen and we all swapped minis.

ladykstar.jpgKaren‘s ties all four of these together with the cream and navy, and now I’m trying to find a way to mount them all in the living room (once I clean it, after school starts…I have a to-do list and even cleaning sounds like fun after not doing hardly any for the last 3 months). Her binding is tidy and patterned, and looks lovely in my living room right now. Any suggestions on how best to mount mini quilts on walls are welcome! We are finally furnishing our living room and treated ourselves to a non-secondhand couch (this is a first) and now I’m inspired to clean and organize the space.

couch.jpgMaking this curated quilts challenge was so therapeutic for me to make and finish a small quilt in two weeks.  It gives me just the energy to push through the final two weeks of school knowing summer is just around the corner.  And I am re-inspired to begin more binding too, while I wait for summer making season.


One thought on “Mini Inspiration

  1. Well bummer about your quilt’s size BUT totally worth your own quilty play, right? Yay for your new couch and you’ve got some wonderful decorating plans! Wishing you a summer full of things you really want to do!

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