Blue January

This began as a project for this year’s gala but it was a last minute inspiration and was not completed on time (ahem, still isn’t, but did I mention I have a new baby nephew and his quilt gets bound first…). It is called “Blue January” and contains cottons hand-dyed and shibori by me, commercial cottons, silk drapery remnants and is entirely hand quilted and embroidered. A friend told me not to tell too much about my work but the embroidery is obscure enough, ask if you are curious. I started planning the quilt top on January 10, 2009 and had begun binding by the Bayview Gala on February 17th, so this whole fast process of concept to design and execution was fun and fast for me despite having the sleeve and binding delayed.

blue january

Bad photo? You bet, but iPhone publishing while I put the kids to bed: priceless!

Past work again

Here is last year’s art quilt that sold at the Bayview Gala for $500.  100% cotton fabrics, some commercially dyed, some hand dyed by me, machine pieced, hand appliqued, fused, and hand buttonhole stitched with cotton and silk thread.  It is based on the elementary school catchment maps in our neighborhood and contains a few landmarks.

Bayview Catchment 36" x 48"

Bayview Catchment 36" x 48"