Kaffe – y shot cotton Chevrons


Looking forward to visiting my sweet nephew today and owner of this quilt I made in 2009.  Thanks to a friend for helping me recover a photo of it.  I am also taking down a store sample I made for In the Beginning in 2004 of a phoenix that I am giving to my brother, maybe I will edit with the cell phone later today all crafty-like.

Good morning from Austin!

My amazing day started yesterday morning when I finally finished sewing my Amy Butler rural messenger bag. I finished the topstitching at 9:15 but still had time to spare for my 11:40 am flight to Austin. The plane was full of Quiltcon attendees from Anchorage, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

I arrived in time to register for quiltcon and get my beautiful luscious gift bag and program before hitting the bars on 6th street and finishing off a lovely evening with ceviche at parkside. This is the electrical panel at Burnsides.

This is the view out my apartment window this morning. I am rooming with 4 women I met yesterday. Quilters rock!

I finished my last breadtab this morning over coffee. I barely slept and was inspired that my newfound friends liked my offbeat and completely loopy rambling. I’m so thrilled to be travelling on my own and meeting so many new people. Now I have to come up with a new Austin-inspired applique project to reflect my joy. I am off the convention soon, do happy to be able to take this time to be me.