Blueberries for Sal


For another new baby born last week. I was inspired to make this for the QNL Magazine Traditional to Modern contest but didn’t finish quilting in time to enter it.fortunately it is also a binary quilt, so I may borrow it back for the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Binary Challenge.  So at least I finished in time for that.  Quilt time is scarce these days but I am happy.

Monogram baby quilt

So my attempt at an outdoor backdrop for hanging quilts has sorta failed me, and I am now at a loss for easy ways to document my work. So far every effort just distracts me from sewing and feels pretty underwhelming compared to some of the lovely photoshots I see out in blogland…


So maybe I’m really not meant to be a blogger, but I did want to get at least one more shot of this quilt before I mailed it off to the baby receiving it…I learned a lot in the process of putting this together, including that all those little tiny crazy pieces can be really time-consuming!

Also!!! I found my notebook from Quiltcon and now I can credit the following contributors to this Improv Round Robin from Sherri’s workshop, just as fellow Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Members Martha and Deb and I begin our own version to pass amongst ourselves!  My original Quiltcon contributors included:

Martha Peterson, Seattle, WA

Kim McPeake, Charleston, SC

Judith Dollar, Houston, TX

Mary Jane Orsburn, Houston, TX

Maria Renna

Sarah Bialene (sp? sorry the handwriting was kind of tough on that one!) Spencer, OH

and Felicitas Kiayer who I believe was from somewhere in Europe…she left an email address so I will try to reach here that way as well.  I would love to hear from any of you if you get a chance to share yours as well!


And here is one more attempt from my makeshift photography studio on the porch, this is better quality than my last, so I guess there was some improvment!


Bodhi Tree Skirt

I finished binding an old UFO (UnFinished Object – my friends at have taught me these are also called “Phd’s” – Projects Half-Done) today! Made from charms I cut from several projects, including a black, green and pink “veggie” themed basket quilt- which I unfortunately gifted without photographing- this was simply a matter of sewing together rows and quilting.
Weird quilting. I pieced the back from a beautiful Joel Dewberry orchid print I’ve had around forever thanks to a fabric co-op I participated in from Canada. The stripe is a Lakehouse print I’ve loved forever that always makes me think of delicious candy, especially candy canes, and since I didn’t quite have enough length, the “Ginseng” filled in.

This is now under our lovely fake tree…we also celebrate Bodhi Day on December 7th when the Buddha sits under our “Bodhi” tree and sometimes presents are exchanged, so I unpacked him and set our Matreya Buddha on the quilt as soon as I finished photographing it. Quiltcon has already taught me something: quilts can be taped to the wall with painter’s tape: some is peeking out on the Dewberry side of the back.

One more thing, the photo isn’t great, but my mom took it today before sending the dress out to a friend in Japan who I know will love it for her 6 year old daughter. I made this for a friend of the family for her 5th birthday, she is 12 now and still a very good friend of the family. Her mother saved it the whole 7 years we were in Canada because she just knew it would be meant for someone special. It is very weird and strange colors, etc…what is the upside down horshoe applique all about? But it was made with a lot of love for a kid who has turned out to have just as much courage and weird fashion taste as this dress suggests. I know my friend in Japan will be delighted by the weirdness too (there is a bumblebee appliqued on the back because I just couldn’t stop, even after the 1″ wide piecing on the hem). Thanks mom, for the photo!

Citrus Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt

I finished this quilt! I love the colors my stepsister chose, even though she changed her mind and wound up choosing different colors, it was too late for me because I was already running away with the “citrus” theme. And ironically she also wound up being into gray and turquoise too, so I think this was a fun blend of lots of modern prints in those colors. You may notice that I changed the top and added a thin grey border to the bottom block to square it up better after I split a seam. The blocks are from the 3×6 flickr block swap, but two blocks are missing, mine and shimmyblisster‘s: I packed them away somewhere during our move and I have yet to relocate them, but the quilt had to go on so I have resolved to do a second gray and yellow quilt sometime soon that uses our blocks too…
The back has two angel blocks and a scrap of the Outfoxed print I included as an odd-shaped panel on the front, both because it is so cute and it coordinates with my sister’s diaper bag.

Those are my mom’s cutey booties helping to walk the quilt out in this Seattle sunshine, and she was reading over my shoulder earlier when I started posting and I know she was asking about buying fabric online, so there are some links for her down below. I think she is about one of 3 or 4 readers of this blog! The backing fabric is an adorable Jim Carroll print I got through a fabric coop a while ago.

I also really overachieved great things in September, even though revamping this blog did not make the list. I made a pillowcase for Hopeful Threads’ September project for troops deployed overseas:

I think I got the cuff fabric from a new local Seattle fabric store, but I can’t remember if it was Pink Chalk fabrics or Dry Goods Designs, both of which I’ve been delighted with since we relocated to Seattle. Fabric is cheaper here!

I made 3 cell phone cases from the Modern Patchwork magazine for the baby shower prize draws with some more of that cute Outfoxed print by Lizzy House. Now for October I plan to finish my swap blocks, my blue January quilt still needs to be bound, and I have a strange baby quilt top to piece and complete before Halloween. As if there were no Halloween costumes to sew…

Finished: District Commissioner gift, memory quilt

This is a quilt made of contributions from the West Point Grey Girl Guides District in Vancouver, BC. There is a square from each unit, as well as some additional squares for various groups within the District network.

I really enjoyed putting it together and I love the variety in the squares. The “flat” side is a pattern from Hoffman Fabrics called “Izumi Pond” and I chose it for its relative simplicity and asymmetry that I though would compliment the variety of the group memory blocks arranged on the other side.

Flat side:

Flat side of DC Quilt

Memory quilt side:

Memory quilt side of DC quilt

Individual square photos are also available if you contact me to share with your unit!