Monogram baby quilt

So my attempt at an outdoor backdrop for hanging quilts has sorta failed me, and I am now at a loss for easy ways to document my work. So far every effort just distracts me from sewing and feels pretty underwhelming compared to some of the lovely photoshots I see out in blogland…


So maybe I’m really not meant to be a blogger, but I did want to get at least one more shot of this quilt before I mailed it off to the baby receiving it…I learned a lot in the process of putting this together, including that all those little tiny crazy pieces can be really time-consuming!

Also!!! I found my notebook from Quiltcon and now I can credit the following contributors to this Improv Round Robin from Sherri’s workshop, just as fellow Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Members Martha and Deb and I begin our own version to pass amongst ourselves!  My original Quiltcon contributors included:

Martha Peterson, Seattle, WA

Kim McPeake, Charleston, SC

Judith Dollar, Houston, TX

Mary Jane Orsburn, Houston, TX

Maria Renna

Sarah Bialene (sp? sorry the handwriting was kind of tough on that one!) Spencer, OH

and Felicitas Kiayer who I believe was from somewhere in Europe…she left an email address so I will try to reach here that way as well.  I would love to hear from any of you if you get a chance to share yours as well!


And here is one more attempt from my makeshift photography studio on the porch, this is better quality than my last, so I guess there was some improvment!


Good morning from Austin!

My amazing day started yesterday morning when I finally finished sewing my Amy Butler rural messenger bag. I finished the topstitching at 9:15 but still had time to spare for my 11:40 am flight to Austin. The plane was full of Quiltcon attendees from Anchorage, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

I arrived in time to register for quiltcon and get my beautiful luscious gift bag and program before hitting the bars on 6th street and finishing off a lovely evening with ceviche at parkside. This is the electrical panel at Burnsides.

This is the view out my apartment window this morning. I am rooming with 4 women I met yesterday. Quilters rock!

I finished my last breadtab this morning over coffee. I barely slept and was inspired that my newfound friends liked my offbeat and completely loopy rambling. I’m so thrilled to be travelling on my own and meeting so many new people. Now I have to come up with a new Austin-inspired applique project to reflect my joy. I am off the convention soon, do happy to be able to take this time to be me.

5 Things about me

I’m posting to the Modern Quilt Guild Quiltcon Link Party, and here are 5 things about me:

1) I am not Chinese. I changed my last name to Wu in 2001 two weeks after my first daughter was born. I had been studying Chinese and was interested in women’s names since I had just named my first baby, and she got her very own last name too. We celebrated the lunar new year last night, where this photo was taken (this is not my baby, but he is super cute, eh?).

2) My greatgrandmother was a quilter and every other woman I am directly descended from is a sewist of many sorts. I have a pincushion made from a mason jar lid that my maternal grandmother made and gave to my paternal grandmother and it is this beautiful treasure I keep on my thread table and it makes me happy every time I touch the velvet.

3) I love modern quilts and folk-improv styles of quilts but I didn’t really get into the modern quilting movement until last year when I finished getting my teaching degree. Now I am catching up with this great phenomenon and its emergence through social media, but I’m kind of on the fringe of relevant. I give away nearly all of my quilts to new or recently new babies, and have rarely documented with photographs until recently. In fact this baby I’m holding above received the Citrus Triangle Baby Quilt. I hope he learns his quadratic relations early! I make up for my under-blogging by being a nonprofit volunteer overachiever – currently in my local Seattle Modern Quilt Guild.

4) I just joined a gym on February first and have been trying to go nearly every day. I need something to fight the effects of my upcoming 40th birthday and I am feeling much healthier since I started, even if I have the reddest face in my Tabata class. I like to follow the #sweatnsew tag on Instagram even if I don’t post to it very often.

5) I would love to be a full-time dilettante fiber artist but I do not knit. I love my procion dyes, my silk screens, my cotton embroidery thread collection, and my fabric stash, and I even know how to crochet. I feel spread pretty thin already and this is by far my most prolific year in a while. How do you awesome mommy bloggers and photographers pull it off? You all amaze me and I look forward to meeting so many of you in two weeks.


I’m barely keeping up with a one post each month goal, but I guess that is better than I was doing a year ago.

I submitted two quilts to Quiltcon last Friday, which feels like a wonderful accomplishment because I have never submitted a quilt for anything before…thanks to my friend Jamie for loaning me her awesome camera. I submitted the very unconventional Blue January quilt in the Small Applique category after really struggling to choose the best category.

I also completed the Dear Stella Maasai Mara challenge.

The Dear Stella top was really pieced in a week, and quilted and bound in two days. This doesn’t broadcast quality work, of course, but it did teach me some valuable project management skills!Needless to say, this is also my first photography of my own work with intention. Fortunately I had a white wall and decent lighting, but unfortunately by the time I photographed the Dragon Lullaby quilt for the fabric challenge, I had no natural daylight and the incandescence does sort of yellow the image. Hopefully it is still acceptable!

This feeling of accomplishment lead to an overwhelming urge to get up and start finishing yet another UFO from my recent past, so perhaps I will be posting another photo within a week here, I’m currently quilting it. I have been talking to some friends about celebrating “antiprocrastination days” and I have an upcoming exam for my teaching certificate. This blog desperately needs some updates and has been languishing for a while but I figure it was good to put something new up in the meanwhile.