Monogram baby quilt

So my attempt at an outdoor backdrop for hanging quilts has sorta failed me, and I am now at a loss for easy ways to document my work. So far every effort just distracts me from sewing and feels pretty underwhelming compared to some of the lovely photoshots I see out in blogland…


So maybe I’m really not meant to be a blogger, but I did want to get at least one more shot of this quilt before I mailed it off to the baby receiving it…I learned a lot in the process of putting this together, including that all those little tiny crazy pieces can be really time-consuming!

Also!!! I found my notebook from Quiltcon and now I can credit the following contributors to this Improv Round Robin from Sherri’s workshop, just as fellow Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Members Martha and Deb and I begin our own version to pass amongst ourselves!  My original Quiltcon contributors included:

Martha Peterson, Seattle, WA

Kim McPeake, Charleston, SC

Judith Dollar, Houston, TX

Mary Jane Orsburn, Houston, TX

Maria Renna

Sarah Bialene (sp? sorry the handwriting was kind of tough on that one!) Spencer, OH

and Felicitas Kiayer who I believe was from somewhere in Europe…she left an email address so I will try to reach here that way as well.  I would love to hear from any of you if you get a chance to share yours as well!


And here is one more attempt from my makeshift photography studio on the porch, this is better quality than my last, so I guess there was some improvment!


Summertime starts (and finishes)


My quilt gnomes had much more fun running around like ghosts under the quilt rather than modelling for photos, but hooray for finally photographing my red and white star quilt! 5 of these blocks were from quarter 3 of the Flickr 3×6 swap last year.

But as you can see, we are finally getting some time to enjoy the Laurelhurst Beach Club.  My little Crane is so happy she passed her “ones” swim test so now I can sit in the sun and bind this puppy:


I may get a lot more blogging done if I can do it by phone from the beach!

Sea Town

Sea Town

My Sea Star for the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Challenge charity quilt is done.  I am not really a paper-piecer but I wanted to challenge myself and I have always liked this pattern from Six White Horses.  I am relieved I tried this Lone Starburst instead of Anna’s Star Seams, I don’t think I’m precise enough.  I  love this city so much and I love being local again!

How great is it to celebrate another local business, Clothworks, who sponsored this block challenge for our guild with their new Everyday Organic solids line. These fabrics handled so well while I paper-pieced, even though I have issues and consistently want to pre-cut my pieces to the right sizes before stitching blind through the paper. I did a lot of pinch and flipping and seamripped several 1.5 mm stitched seams!  And this fabric didn’t distort at all…but, my block did.  That would be the seamstress, not the pattern or the fabric. I will keep the paper on until after I finish the last seams next time. I can’t decide which part of Seattle this block makes me think of more: the space needle or the Supersonics.  Regardless, I’m happy this block will go into a local charity quilt that also furnishes new beginnings for Seattlites in need of comfort.

I have this new Macklemore single running through my brain all week and I think I subconsciously wanted to honor the Space Needle.  If you haven’t seen the video, the Space Needle is prominent at the end. I love that Heist flag too and all the Pacific Northwest imagery…if only it were chevrons instead of waves I might piece that flag!  I first heard Macklemore on KEXP a little over a year ago singing My Town and it was when we’d first gotten the news we might be moving back to Seattle and it still makes me tear up. And now I’m in Seattle, so happy to celebrate this new city and to be binding a quilt to display at Folklife, right under that needle. We went to a Mariner’s game last summer when I first got into town and Macklemore was playing at WaMu for $11 and I thought about taking the kids but I was afraid they wouldn’t know any of his songs.  Now they know all the words to “Thrift Shop” and I’m the fool. There is some controversy lately about some new Paul Allen development blocking the view…I am torn between loving the way Harbor Center and the Fairmont Hotel are buried in the Vancouver skyline (modern!) and understanding the desire to preserve the view, the distinction that makes everyone recognize Seattle.

Speaking of popping tags…I just cancelled my old domain this morning, so this is my new home on the internet (whee, I’m FREE!).  I also did my taxes yesterday, Canadian and American.  So now I’m going to work out and celebrate this beautiful sun and head to the Angels game tomorrow night at Safeco.

I know, I need to get back to my other “star” projects…time is precious.


I’m barely keeping up with a one post each month goal, but I guess that is better than I was doing a year ago.

I submitted two quilts to Quiltcon last Friday, which feels like a wonderful accomplishment because I have never submitted a quilt for anything before…thanks to my friend Jamie for loaning me her awesome camera. I submitted the very unconventional Blue January quilt in the Small Applique category after really struggling to choose the best category.

I also completed the Dear Stella Maasai Mara challenge.

The Dear Stella top was really pieced in a week, and quilted and bound in two days. This doesn’t broadcast quality work, of course, but it did teach me some valuable project management skills!Needless to say, this is also my first photography of my own work with intention. Fortunately I had a white wall and decent lighting, but unfortunately by the time I photographed the Dragon Lullaby quilt for the fabric challenge, I had no natural daylight and the incandescence does sort of yellow the image. Hopefully it is still acceptable!

This feeling of accomplishment lead to an overwhelming urge to get up and start finishing yet another UFO from my recent past, so perhaps I will be posting another photo within a week here, I’m currently quilting it. I have been talking to some friends about celebrating “antiprocrastination days” and I have an upcoming exam for my teaching certificate. This blog desperately needs some updates and has been languishing for a while but I figure it was good to put something new up in the meanwhile.