Chandra Wu

I learned a lot of stitching as a girl. When I was expecting my first child, I  switched from painting in watercolors and acrylics to my making my first baby quilt. I never stopped after that, I had a lot of friends who were also having babies and I wanted to make a quilt for each one. Growing up “gifted” didn’t really prepare me for working as a homemaker. I have struggled with the issue of choosing to opt out of a traditional engineering career in favor of keeping one parent home with young kids.  I’ve finally found a place in the big wide world where being “mildly gifted” means doing what I love and caring for those I love in the way that suits me best without trying to fit in or measure up, but quilting played a big role in helping find that resolution and peace.

Since that first baby quilt, there have been many more quilting experiments, and when I crawled out from under a rock in 2010 and discovered the modern quilting movement and that the local Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild was forming close to our house, I went to a meeting and I realized this was the conversation I wanted to have with my own work. Previously my quilts had been too busy with my own joy of making them, but contained too many elements crammed into one quilt. I am trying to slow down my enthusiasm and savor a bit more simplicity in my new work, thinking like an artist rather than the squirrel who has to make a new quilt every time someone announces their pregnancy! I enjoy contemplating the relationship between the satisfaction of the feminist DIY craft and sustainability movements, and minimalist, post-punk art projects. Most importantly for me (and perhaps for you), now I design and sew for myself rather than for unborn baby gifts.  I still make baby quilts too, but now they are part of an intentional process of developing my craft.

And now I’m all grown up with two teenage daughters and a career to boot.  I love teaching math and science but I am not finding as much time to quilt as I did before.  I helped incorporate the non-profit Seattle Modern Quilt Guild when our family moved back to Seattle in 2012, and I just finished my second wonderful year serving on the board and making lots of new friends.  Go check them out, our amazing members are probably creating more new works than I am!

2 thoughts on “Chandra Wu

  1. Hi Chandra, I was just looking for some things on the MQG site and came across you in the forum asking about your modern guild using the MQG site for more information on your members like address list. I did not see a solution form the MQG and wondered what you ended up doing for your guild in this respect. We need a solution to this also as our guild grows. We don’t have resources to pay for a private setting on our simple blog but would like to give our members private access to member info. Thanks for whatever help you might have on this. 😛

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